2013: Life on Film

3:12 AM

2013: a year filled with adventure and collaborations; also the year I started out shooting on film. 
I enjoyed the thrill of not knowing how the photograph is going to look like until it gets scanned and developed, how people who share your sentiments understand what its like if something goes wrong, and how you get to inspire people who want to learn and shoot with film. 
I learned a lot during the few months I've been taking film photographs of life events that passed, and I must say it has been really enriching and fulfilling. 
This is both a hello and goodbye post for the year that was. Looking forward to a new year ahead.
Kawasan Adventure with the Explorers. Photograph by Denielle Otadoy
Arj at Monsters University

Double Exposure shot by Kaye Clarete

In the Middle of this Road shot by Denielle Otadoy

Blurred out Selfie Attempt

Washing my feet from our trekking adventure

Student Life at USC Main shot by Kaye Clarete

Happy New Year! 

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  1. You have finally updated your blog! Haha :)

    1. thought about this for months for i didn't know what to post here haha :)
      happy new year nik! :D


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