2014: Enriching the Soul through Solitude

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2014: travelling alone, discovering new places, exploring the city more, meeting new people, cherishing old friendships and being able to be more creative this year. these are a few highlights of my year.  
All throughout this year, I've been consciously trying to empty myself of everything i know through my blog, instagram and flickr. For someone who likes to covet his ideas to his own, this was definitely not easy, but as soon as I did this, I found out I have a lot more things to gain than what I was giving out. I was able to express myself more creatively and learned a lot about people's thoughts, how my message came across and how I have inspired them through my photography works. That alone was what kept me going at trying to better myself.
I want to be more than who I am as an artist, to keep changing, keep evolving and constantly learning and relearning this craft of mine. I have set goals this year, and i was able to deliver with the help of a lot of people, and to the lord that always guides me through my journey. There are a few times that I lose myself, but I'm always reminded of what's important in life, and why I shouldn't be too bothered by temporary things. I may have lost a lot of followers and a few friends in the hopes of trying to expand my horizons, but I've also gained a lot more than I have asked for, ones who have the same ideals as I do. Also to the ones always supporting me on what I keep trying to do and accomplish in life, I am very much grateful you're all there with me through this. Thank you and see you next year!
This is 2014's hello and goodbye post, will surely make new memories count for the new year ahead!

In my Search.
shooting alone at the SRP highway.
found myself in bare mountains. //film feels
a photowalk photograoh my friend shot.
agreed to be the subject of  another friend trying out portrait photography.
a moment of silence for all the concerts i will miss next year.
film self portrait.
travelling alone.
life in the heart of the mountains. // self portrait
discovering new locations.
church visit.
the drug that is this space. //self portrait

to the city i love. // self portrait
This blog is solely dedicated as a one post summary of the year that is 2014.
On this blog are curated self portrait photographs, and a few ones taken by my friends.

Wishing you an advance Happy New Year!
Thank you for your time!


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