2016: Tougher Than I Thought

5:17 AM

The road to being a self-sufficient adult was much more challenging than I thought. 

There were thoughts of giving up,endless nights of complaining. 
almost breaking down, and episodes of wanting to quit every now and then.  
But I'm glad I never did give up, every time I have seen those challenges through, 
come out victorious, I've learned that there is still so much more than I can endure;

There were days that passes us by;

Moments of Hope. Sunday mornings all to yourself. 
Slow nights catching up with friends.
Making more memories count with family.
Timely Peace of mind;

And better days ahead.

If there was one thing that made this year different, it was knowing a lot more people that made life much more interesting. 
2016 was indeed difficult but was not impossible to live through.
It is because of its nature that made it one thing I am grateful for.
Through this year's experiences, I think it will still be awhile before I can reach my goals
but now I have an idea how.

Wishing you a Happy New Year everyone!
Looking forward to 2017!

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