2015: Dear 25 Year Old Me

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2015:  The goal is to always move forward, be creative and inspire more people; 
         ..somehow i've survived the year with that in mind.

             How the year started was greeted with the toughest decisions I have to make, thankfully I was not short of guidance and support when I made those decisions. I finished my studies earlier this summer, all of the sacrifices made was worth it in the end, but the delay was definitely not one of them. I have not yet attended the grad ceremony though, and I'm still not convinced up until this moment to participate. I then had a job a month later this summer as a photo editor, then resigned three months after because of personal reasons, one of which was another job offer. I consider myself lucky for not having any major midlife crisis moment for me this year, maybe later on in life, but so far, all things were smooth sailing.

             Late nights this year was filled with lots of life talks, plans my friends have set in motion, places we want to be in, the goals we want to achieve, little moments we eat and get together. It is in those moments that really got me thinking, but I still had nothing big planned except for my exhibit which I will talk about later on in this post. My goal when I got a job was to save money though, it was really hard at first being the carefree spendthrift that I am, the money left for the first few months  was enough to get me by the weeks that I was working. If only there was this book or a guide on how to be a responsible adult, I then reevaluated myself, and knew something needed to change. 


             With that change, I've put my film photography hobby on pause this year, it was one of those tough decisions you make, to be honest, I don't know when I can get back to shooting film, I'm genuinely happy when I am though, it's just that there was a point this year when shooting film got really expensive. During my reflection, I hoped that when I do get back to shooting on film, money would no longer be a big of a deal when that happens.

            Speaking of hobbies on pause, my conceptual photography and tumblr blog's on break as well as of late this year. There are those moments that I do update but most of the time the only thing I am actively updating these days is my instagram feed.

              Change was a good place to be in this 2015 still, from the details I needed to pay attention to, to the whole picture I needed to see. This made me appreciate life more.

             I have a lot of things to be grateful for this year, I'm grateful for the time I still have to express myself through photography whenever I can, for the patience I'm surprised I still have despite the challenges of my daily commute, for the support and love from my family and friends, for my eyes in awe whenever I get to travel and appreciate life as it is and for the gift of life, for I got through another year.

             This year, I've also started a project I'd be presenting on 2017. It's my first soon to be solo exhibit, I have not shot the rest of the photographs yet, no venue and specific date, but I have the rest of next year to panic for that. Hopefully I get to pull this off.

That's all! Happy New Year everyone!

/ end / 

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  1. It was great enough to finally end this year with that thought of finally meeting you in person and hanging out with you even just for a little while. You know how much you've inspired me to continue the thing that I'm most passionate at. Happy Year 2016, RJ! :)

    Lou | wander-soul.net

    1. Thanks Lou! Likewise, I am also grateful to have met you and your friends as well this year. Hope to hang out again some time this year. :) Happy Year 2016! God bless, and keep shooting! :D


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